HoryZonty - Erik Baláž

Film projection, multimedia presentation and discussion

Erik Baláž will come to the festival to present his unique filmcalled Wolf Mountains and activities for protection of the Eastern Carpathian territory in the Slovak-Polish-Ukrainian border area.

He will introduce his project focused on protection of nature. The film Wolf Mountains which is a part of it offers a return back to times when European wilderness was really a wide and live organic unit. It offers also opportunity to look into the eyes of creatures we were living with in our common past. It offers a story about one of the last wild places in Europe where each creature plays its important role in an eternal circle of life and death.



(personal info)

He was born in 1978.
In 2002 he graduated from the Technical University in Zvolen, where he got a degree in “Forest Ecology” with his work about bear ecology. During his studies he started to be very active in campaigns of the Wolf - Forest Protection Movement whose goal is to protect natural forests and wild beasts. He was a leader of the successful campaign for protection of valleys Tichá and Kôprová. Nowadays, this territory represents the largest wild territory in Slovakia. He is a co-author of the successful book about bears The Last Fortress and the film Keeper of the Wilderness.
Erik is also the author of the new project for protection of theEastern Carpathians including the film Wolf Mountains.