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On one hand commercial tourism can be a threat to the nature but on the other hand also the directors of the national park directorates know that their duty is to present nature values to the public.

On Friday afternoon we will learn more also about opportunities for ecotourism in Hungary.

GyörgyGadó, one of our Friday guests is a forest engineer and an active nature conservationist. In addition to many other activities he has been making environmental films as well. He will start his presentation Nature without Borders with a short footage from one of his films, ’Wolves on the Edge’, shot shortly before Slovakia and Hungary entered the European Union in 2004.

The film captures rare wolves moving freely in their natural territory regardless the artificial, man-created state borders, which in the time of making the movie really existed.

Nowadays, observation of these wild animals is much simpler and researches can follow the traces without getting arrested. It is our common responsibility to protect nature values of the territory where our countries meet.

György Gadó

(personal info)

He has graduated from the University of Forestry and Timber Industry in Sopron.
As part of his work for various organizations he has been devoted to ecological activities and environmental education of people.
He worked as an environmental journalist, nowadays he is the associate of the Hungarian Public Radio.
Besides regular environmental television programmes he has completed the films Life in Danube Delta (1997), Wolves on the Horizon (2004), Aliska (2009) about a Western Siberian girl in the modern world.
In 1990, after a short visit in the USAhe initiated organizing of the Earth Day in Hungary.


György Gadó György Gadó