HoryZonty - Zenon Feliks Wojtas and Kamil Soóš

Multimedia presentation

Our Friday guests – ZenonWojtas from Poland and KamilSoóš from Slovakia will show us the riches of the Carpathians.

In their presentation Wild Nature of the Eastern Carpathians – MaguraWildlife Sanctuary they will introduce to us wild valleys and deep beech and fir forests of the Magura National Park. They will talk about wolves, lynx, deer, boars, golden eagles, grey crows and other rare animals.

Zenek Wojtas (33)

(personal info)

"I was born in the heart of the Polish Low Beskids. Since childhood I have been closely connected to the forest and I used to help with all forest works, which prepared me for later hours of hiking in freezing conditions and deep snow. It also taught me to be humble when observing the wild nature. Every free minute I had I spent in the forest.
Now my work is my hobby – I work in theMagura National Park as a specialist for protection of mammals,mainly largecarnivores.
At work as well as in my free time I walk with my camera along the Polish-Slovak border in the area of the Low Beskids where I observe wolves, lynx and bears whose home is one of the last wild places in Europe. Lot of experience in observing and tracing the animals has helped me to learn how to approach the animals and to be just few steps away from themwithout scaring them."Photos

Zenon Feliks Wojtas